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ボストン大学教授 渡邊武郎先生の講演会を開催します。
perceptual learningのメカニズムについて多くの著明な結果を報告されています。


講師:渡邊武郎教授(Department of Psychology & Neuroscience, Boston
日時: 平成16年1月30日(金) 午後6時30分から
場所: 東京医科歯科大学臨床講堂第1(新棟地下1階)

演題名:Perceptual learning without perception is not passive.

The brain demonstrates an amazing ability to become increasingly sensitive
to important stimuli. It is often claimed that we become more sensitive only
to the critical signals in the tasks we attend to. However, our recent
series of experiments have shown that perceptual learning occurs with little
attention. First, mere exposure to sub-threshold and task-irrelevant motion
coherence signals led to enhancement in sensitivity to the motion direction.
This finding indicates that attention is not necessary for perceptual
learning (Watanabe, Nanez & Sasaki, 2001). Second, exposure to two types of
task?irrelevant motion that are processed at different levels of visual
processing improved sensitivity only at the lower?level. These results
suggest that task-irrelevant perceptual learning occurs at a very low-level
(Watanabe et al, 2002). Third, we addressed the question as to whether such
task-irrelevant learning occurs purely passively (caused by
stimulus-exposure). During exposure, we presented four different directions
of motion an equal number of times, but the direction of interest (DOI) was
paired with the task targets. If learning is purely passive, thresholds
should improve equally for all the presented directions. Surprisingly, the
threshold improved only for the DOI. These results show that learning of a
task-irrelevant and sub-threshold feature is not purely passive, but it
occurs only when the feature is correlated with a task target (Seitz &
Watanabe,2003). Based on these findings, we propose a model in which diffuse
reinforcement learning signals perform an important role, complementary to
focused attention in perceptual learning.

Watanabe, T., Sasaki, Y. & Nanez, J. (2001). Perceptual learning without
perception, Nature,413, 844-848.
Watanabe, T. et al (2002). Greater plasticity in lower?level than
higher?level visual processing revealed by passive perceptual learning,
Nature Neuroscience, 5, 1002-1009.
Seitz, A R. & Watanabe, T. (2003). Is subliminal learning really passive?
Nature, 422, 36-37.

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