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> Tomokazu 氏は
> 「[fpr 102] 59th JPA WS」において曰く:
> > 4)論文採択の条件としての「有意性」
> >    APA Publication Manual における検定結果の記述法の詳細な解説
> >       Skinner や Luce の抵抗 新ジャーナルの創刊
> ということですが,この「Skinner や Luce の抵抗」と「新ジャーナルの創
> 刊」いうものは具体的にどういうものだったのか,ということに多少興味を
> 持ちましたので,かいつまんで解説していただければ,と思います.


「Skinner や Luce の抵抗」「新ジャーナルの創刊」という部分で私が直接依

Gigerenzer, G.  1993  The superego, the ego, and the id in statistical
  reasoning.  In G. Keren & C. Lewis (Eds.), A handbook for data 
  analysis in the behavioral sciences: Methodological Issues.
  Hillsdale, NJ: Erlbaum.  Pp.311-339.

の pp.313-314 にある下記の文章です。少し長くなりますが,そのまま掲載します。

     ... Skinner (1972) disliked the intimate link Fisher established 
between statistics and the design of experiments: "What the statisti-
cian means by the design of experiments is design which yields the 
kind of data to which his techniques are applicable" (p.112). And, 
"They have taught statistics in lieu of scientific method" (p.319). 
Skinner continued to investigate one or a few pigeons under well-
controlled conditions, rather than run 20 or more pigeons under 
necessarily less well-controlled conditions to obtain a precise 
estimate for the error variance. In fact, the Skinnerians were forced 
to found a new journal, the Journal of the Experimental Analysis of 
Behavior, in order to publish their kind of experiments (Skinner, 1984,
p.138). Their focus was on experimental control, that is, on mini-
mizing error beforehand, rather than on large samples, that is, on 
measuring error after the fact.
     This is not an isolated case, nor one peculiar to behaviorists. 
The Journal of Mathematical Psychology is another. One of the reasons 
for launching this new journal was again to escape the editors' 
pressure to perform institutionalized null hypothesis testing. One of 
its founders, Luce (1988), called the institutionalized practice a 
"wrongheaded view about what constituted scientific progress" and 
"mindless hypothesis testing in lieu of doing good research: measuring
effects, constructing substantive theories of some depth, and 
developing probability models and statistical procedures suited to 
these theories" (p.582).


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