[fpr 175] [Q] Systat Base ver.5.0 or other recomendablestatistical packages.



SYSTAT について私の知っていることをお伝えします。

SYSTAT では次の統計解析が可能です。

descriptive statistics
EDA, regression
ANOVA, discriminant analysis
canonical correlation
Principal Components Analysis
time series and many tests

また SYSTAT は graphics が優秀なことで有名です。

Module は次のようなものがでています。

SYSTAT LOGIT: logistic regression for binary and multinomial dependent
variables estimated by maximum likelihood. 

SYSTAT PROBIT: Estimates a multiple regression model or analysis of
covariance when the dependent variable is categorical and can take only one
of two values. 

SYSTAT SURVIVAL: Survival, reliability and life table analysis. Obtain
Kaplan-Meier estimates, Cox proportional-hazards models and estimate
parametric accelerated life models for exponential, Weibull, log-normal and
log-logistic distributions. 

SYSTAT TESTAT: Test summary statistics, reliability coefficients, standard
errors of measure for selected score intervals and item test analysis
statistics for multiple item tests.

A wide array of 2D and 3D
color graphics. 


Platform              List Price    Our Price   Educ. Price
Mac                               $895.00      $795.00      $749.00
Win                               $895.00      $795.00      $749.00
Mac TESTAT                        $395.00      $379.00
Mac SURVIVAL                      $395.00      $379.00
Mac LOGIT                         $295.00      $295.00
DOS TESTAT                        $395.00      $379.00
DOS SURVIVAL                      $395.00      $379.00
DOS LOGIT                         $295.00      $295.00
DOS                               $995.00      $795.00      $749.00
Mac PROBIT                        $110.00      $110.00

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