[fpr 2102] テスト等化についての講演会のお知らせ




Kolen, M.J., & Brennan, R.L. (1995). Test Equating: Methods and 
  Practices. Springer.

の著者でアイオワ大学教授の Michael J. Kolen 氏の講演会を下記の
前に南風原(haebara (at) p.u-tokyo.ac.jp)までご連絡ください。

  日時:  2001年12月11日(火)午後3時〜5時
  場所:  東京大学教育学部第1会議室
  演題:  Test Equating: Concepts and Psychometric Evaluation
  講演者:Michael J. Kolen, Professor, University of Iowa


Over the past 20 years test equating has gone from being a set of little
known psychometric procedures to a central component of most major
educational and psychological tests in the US.  The goal of the first part
of this talk is to provide a conceptual overview of equating concepts.
Within this overview, I will define equating and describe its purposes,
distinguish equating from other processes that produce comparable scores,
describe many of the designs used to collect data for equating, and
describe some of the problems that can occur when conducting equating.  I
will stress that successful equating involves many aspects of the testing
process, including procedures used to develop tests, to administer and
score tests, and to interpret scores earned on tests.  The designs for
equating the ACT and SAT college entrance tests will be used as examples.
The goal of the second part of the talk is to describe procedures for
evaluating the psychometric properties of equated scores.  Using item
response theory as a psychometric foundation, methods will be described
that can be used to assess the equity property of equating.  The methods
are illustrated using examples from the Iowa Tests of Basic Skills and the

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