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日    時:  2005年7月22日(金) 10:30〜12:00
場  所: 統計数理研究所 新館2階 研修室
講 演 者: Claes von Hofsten (Uppsala University, Sweden)
タイトル: An action approach to infant development
要  旨:
In the present lecture I will focus on the prospective nature of actions
and how infants acquire such control. Any system with the purpose of
producing adaptive behavior has to deal with the fact that events
precede the feedback signals about them. In biological systems, the
delays in the control pathways may be substantial. Relying entirely on
feedback is therefore non-adaptive. The only way to overcome this
problem is to use prospective control, that is, to anticipate what is
going to happen next and use that information to control ones behavior.
Prospective control is possible because events in the world are governed
by rules and regularities (e.g. natural laws, task specific rules,
socially determined rules). Knowledge about those rules and regularities
enables us to formulate internal predictive models and use them for
guiding action. The predictive models need to be continuously updated to
fit in with the ongoing stream of events. Perception provides us with
such information.


Claes von Hofsten教授は著名な実験心理学者ですが,今回は統計のユーザとし

Claes von Hofsten is professor in Psychology. Together with Kerstin
Rosander he has founded the laboratory for the study of "perception and
action" well known for its pioneering studies on the development of
reaching, controlled looking and postural control in infants. He has
published almost 100 articles in peer review journals and edited books.
Several articles in Vision Research, Experimental Brain Research,
Cognition, Developmental Psychology, Developmental Science, and Journal
of Experimental Psychology: Perception and Performance can be noted.

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