[fpr 2842] 日本行動計量学会チュートリアルセミナーのご案内

Kazunori Yamaguchi




講演者: Wolfgang Gaul教授, University of Karlsruhe
日 時: 2005年8月26日 1PM〜5PM 
会 場: 長岡技術科学大学 

The rise of the World Wide Web has dramatically increased 
the “availability of data/information” with all its advantages 
and disadvantages. For a discussion of how to tackle the challenge of 
Web data analysis different starting points can be taken into 
consideration, e.g.:

From a more theoretical data-analytical point of view one can use data 
analysis and statistics as basis and proceed with data mining and 
web mining techniques for handling the underlying data problems.

From a more application-oriented point of view one can start 
with the behavior of Web visitors and their wishes as prerequisites 
and suggest intelligent solutions for selected target groups.

Of course, we will present own methodological developments, e.g.:
our a priori algorithm for generalized sequences (to help to analyze 
navigational behavior of internet users) which generalizes 
the a priori algorithm for sets and for sequences, 
our FTMC (fuzzy two mode clustering) algorithm (to suggest 
another recommender system for collaborative filtering tasks) 
which can be applied to the missing values situation within Web response data, 
and our DTARtext algorithm (to support personalized Web content mining) 
which combines decision trees (DT) and association rules (AR) 
for text classification. Additionally, 
when Web usage data is analysed, the Web robot detection problem arises 
(as it is of importance to know whether human users or Web robots have created requests), 
for business with the help of the Web, optimization of online visibility 
of Web sites (in competition with other Web sites) is a problem that can be 
tackled by Web mining. 
In the seminar we will start with a description of recommender systems 
(software that collects, aggregates, transforms, … information from the Web 
and returns recommendations to support internet users as well as Web site owners) 
as general frame 23:16 2005/05/27 from which answers for the just mentioned topics 
and other interesting questions can be derived. 

kazunori yamaguchi, rikkyo university

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