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The 12th Pacific-Asia Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining 
May 20-23, 2008, Osaka, Japan

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The Pacific-Asia Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (PAKDD)
is the leading data mining conference of the Pacific-Asia region. The world's 
best known researchers in data mining and related areas actively participate 
and attend the annual PAKDD event.

PAKDD 2008 seeks proposals for workshops on foundational and emerging topics 
in areas relevant to data mining. The PAKDD workshops provide an informal and 
vibrant opportunity for researchers and industry practitioners to share their 
research positions, original research results and practical development 
experiences on specific new challenges and emerging issues. The workshop topic 
should be focused so that the  Participants can benefit from interaction with 
each other and the cohesiveness of the topic.

A possible (non-exhaustive) list of topics include:

1. Foundational Topics in Data Mining
2. Data Mining and Systems Biology (a systems view of genomics and proteomics)
3. Data Mining and Climate Change
4. Data Mining and Financial Time-Series
5. Data Mining for Social Networks Analysis (Relational Mining)
6. Data Mining on specialized data types: structured, unstructured,  semi-structured,   
   streaming,  spatio-temporal, text, multimedia, etc.
7. Real life applications and success stories

The organizers and chairs of the workshop shall have full control on the call 
for papers, forming of program committees, review and selection of papers as 
well as planning the workshop program. HOWEVER, the program committee chairs 
are not allowed to submit papers to the workshops for a fair review process. 
IN ADDITION, the chairs must state in the workshop CFP as "Submitting a paper 
to the workshop means that if the paper is accepted, at least one author 
should attend the workshop to present the paper. For no-show authors, their 
affiliations will receive a notification." The registration fees for workshops 
will be determined by the conference (not the workshop itself). The fees will 
be paid to the conference, and the conference will provide workshop facilities 
including the working notes printing, the meeting room, coffee break, lunch, 
proceedings and etc. Any further expense of the workshop such as the financial 
aid to the invited speakers MUST be provided by the workshop itself upon 
getting some sponsors for their own workshops. The money from workshop 
sponsors will be received by the workshop itself.
After the workshops, each workshop has a right to include its outstanding 
papers in a LNCS/LNAI Post Proceedings of PAKDD Workshops published by 
Springer. Under the program, the workshop chair must organize a review 
committee to select the outstanding papers from the papers presented in the 
workshop. Based on the reviews, each selected papers should be further 
improved for the camera ready version. The average acceptance rate in the 
selection should be no higher than 50%. The detailed schedule on the due dates 
of the paper selection and the collection of the Camera Ready will be 
announced  immediately after the workshop. We plan to publish the LNAI Post 
Proceedings by the end of November, 2008.The organizers of the workshops, 
which do not entry to this LNCS/LNAI Post Proceedings program, are encouraged 
to arrange their own post-workshop journal special issues to publish selected 

Prospective workshop organizers should send a proposal (maximum three pages) 
with the following sections to PAKDD 2008 Workshop Co-Chairs.

- Title of the workshop
- Objectives, scope, and contribution to the main conference
- Names and contacts of key organizers and a tentative list of
  members of the program committee along with links to their webpages.
- Expected number of papers, attendees, and preliminary workshop format

All workshops will be the equivalent of one day format. Prior discussion of  
candidate workshop organizers and the workshop chair is encouraged.

Important Dates: 

Workshop Proposal Due: 21 October 2007 (Sunday)
Workshop Notification:  2 November 2007 (Friday)
Release of Workshop Call for Paper:  12 November 2007
Workshop Submission Deadline:  6 January 2008 (Sunday)
Workshop Author Notification:  8 February 2008 (Friday) 
Workshop Camera-ready:  24 February 2008 (Sunday)
Workshop Date:  20 May 2008 (Tuesday)

We look forward to your stimulative proposals and contributions to PAKDD 2008  

Prof. Sharma Chakravarthy
Computer Science and Engineering Department
The University of Texas at Arlington, Arlington, USA
sharma (at) cse.uta.edu

A/Prof. Sanjay Chawla
School of Information Technologies
University of Sydney, NSW
chawla (at) it.usyd.edu.au

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