[fpr 3165] CALL FOR PAPERS PAKDD 2008

Takashi Washio

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                        CALL FOR PAPERS PAKDD 2008
The 12th Pacific-Asia Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining 
                        May 20-23, 2008, Osaka, Japan
                     (Paper submission site has now opened!)


We are pleased to inform you that the abstract/paper 
submission site of PAKDD2008 has now opened.
This is also linked to the top page of PAKDD2008 web site.
Conference Website
Conference Venue
Call for Workshops and Tutorials

Important Dates:
        Abstract Submission Due: 23 September 2007 (Sun)*
        Paper Submission Due: 30 September 2007 (Sun)*
        Author Notification: 27 December 2007 (Thu)
        Camera Ready Due: 27 January 2008 (Sun)
        Workshop Proposal Due: 21 October 2007 (Sun)  
        Workshop Notification: 2 November 2007 (Fri)
        Tutorial Proposal Due: 27 November 2007 (Tue)  
        Tutorial Notification: 10 December 2007 (Mon)
        Conference: 20-23 May 2008 (Tue-Fri)
        *[23:59:59 Pacific Standard Time]


Conference Scope
The Pacific-Asia Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining 
(PAKDD) is a leading international conference in the areas of data 
mining and knowledge discovery. It provides an international forum 
for researchers and industry practitioners to share their new ideas, 
original research results and practical development experiences from 
all KDD related areas including data mining, data warehousing, 
machine learning, databases, statistics, knowledge acquisition, 
automatic scientific discovery, data visualization, causal induction 
and knowledge-based systems.

The conference calls for research papers reporting original 
investigation results and industrial papers reporting real data 
mining applications and system development experience. The conference 
will confer the Best Paper Award to the best full paper. The 
proceeding of the conference will be published by Springer as a 
volume of the LNAI series.

The venue of the conference is Hotel Seagull located in beautiful 
Osaka bay area which is less than 15 minutes by subway from the center 
of Osaka city. Many amusement places including internationally famous 
Osaka Aquarium "Kaiyukan", a museum and a market place are within 5 
minutes walk. Universal Studios Japan is reachable by 10 minutes 
cruise. Accommodations for student participants will be provided in 
reasonable prices (around 50USD/night/person).


The topics of the conference and workshop papers fall into two major 
categories that will include but are not limited to the following:

    A. Data Mining Foundations
        A1. Theoretic Foundations
        A2. Novel Algorithms
        A3. Association Rules
        A4. Classification and Ranking
        A5. Clustering
        A6. Text Mining
        A7. Machine Learning
        A8. Privacy Preserving Data Mining
        A9. Statistical Methods
        A10. Parallel and Distributed Data Mining
        A11. Interactive and Online Mining
        A12. KDD Process and Human Interaction
        A13. Data and Knowledge Management
        A14. Data and Knowledge Visualization
        A15. Pre/Post-processing

    B. Data Mining in Specialized Domain
        B1. High-Dimensional Data
        B2. Spatial Data
        B3. Temporal Data
        B4. Biomedical Domains
        B5. Stream/Dynamic/Ubiquitous Data Mining
        B6. Scientific Databases
        B7. Text and Semi-structured/unstructured Data
        B8. Multimedia
        B9. Reliability and Robustness Issues
        B10. Security and Intrusion Detection
        B11. Web, Community, and Social Network
        B12. Mining Trends, Opportunities or Risks
        B13. OLAP and Data Mining
        B14. Integration of Data Warehousing,
        B15. Graphic Model Discovery
        B16. Software Warehouse and Software Mining
        B17. Other Applications


Paper Submission
Each paper should consist of a cover page with title, authors' names, 
postal and email address, an up to 200-words abstract, up to 5 keywords 
and a body not longer than 12 single-spaced pages with font size at 
least 11 pts. Authors are strongly encouraged to use Springer LNCS/LNAI 
manuscript submission guidelines 
(available at http://www.springer.de/comp/lncs/authors.html) 
for their initial submissions. All papers must be submitted 
electronically in PDF format only, using the conference management tool. 
Detailed instructions will be available at the conference website 

The submitted papers must not be previously published anywhere, and 
must not be submitted to any other conferences before and during the 
PAKDD review process. A journal submission may be concurrent, but 
would be expected to have significant additional material not in the 
conference submission, and the final revision should not have been 
submitted until the PAKDD reviews have been made available to the 
authors. Ideally the final journal version should be prepared after 
the conference so that feedback from the conference can be included. 
Submitting a paper to the conference means that if the paper were 
accepted, at least one author will attend the conference to present 
the paper. For no-show authors, their affiliations will receive a 
notification. The program committee chairs are not allowed to submit 
papers to the conference for a fair review process.

Before submitting your paper, please carefully read and agree with the 
submission policy and no-show policy of PAKDD 2008.


Conference Officers

General Co-Chairs
 * Shusaku Tsumoto, Shimane University, Japan
 * Huan Liu, Arizona State University, USA 

Program Committee Chair
 * Takashi Washio, Osaka University, Japan 
Program Committee Co-Chairs
 * Einoshin Suzuki, Kyushu University, Japan
 * Kai Ming Ting, Monash University, Australia 
Workshop Co-Chairs
 * Sharma Chakravarthy, The University of Texas at Arlington, USA
 * Sanjay Chawla, University of Sydney, Australia 

Tutorial Co-Chairs
 * Achim Hoffmann, University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia
 * Akihiro Yamamoto, Kyoto University, Japan 

Local Arrangement Chair
 * Takashi Okada, Kwansei Gakuin University, Japan
Local Arrangement Co-Chairs
 * Katsutoshi Yada, Kansai University, Japan
 * Kouzou Ohara, Osaka University, Japan 

Publicity Chair
 * Kouzou Ohara, Osaka University, Japan 

Publication Chair
 * Akihiro Inokuchi, Osaka University, Japan 

Web MasterK
 * Kouzou Ohara, Osaka University, Japan 


Steering Committee

  * David Cheung, University of Hong Kong, China
  * Rao Kotagiri, University of Melbourne, Australia

 * Graham Williams, ATO, Australia

 * Arbee L. P. Chen, National Chengchi University, Taiwan, ROC
 * Ming-Syan Chen, National Taiwan University, Taiwan, ROC
 * Tu Bao Ho, Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Japan
 * Masaru Kitsuregawa, Tokyo University, Japan
 * Huan Liu, Arizona State University, U.S.
 * Ee-Peng Lim, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
 * Hiroshi Motoda, AFOSR/AOARD, Japan  (Life long member)
 * Jaideep Srivastava, University of Minnesota, U.S.A
 * Takao Terano, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan
 * Kyu-Young Whang, Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology, Korea
 * Ning Zhong, Maebashi Institute of Technology, Japan
 * Chengqi Zhang, University of Technology Sydney, Australia


For further information, please contact the Program Committee Chair

  * Takashi Washio
    ISIR, Osaka University, Japan
    Email: washio (at) ar.sanken.osaka-u.ac.jp
    Phone: (81)6-6879-8540
    Fax: (81)6-6879-8544


Organized by

I.S.I.R., Osaka University

Co-organized by
School of Science & Technology, Kwansei Gakuin University
Faculty of Commerce, Kansai University

In Cooperation with
The Japanese Society of Artificial Intelligence


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