[fpr 3207] COGAIN 2008 Call for Papers




The 4th COGAIN Annual Conference on Communication by Gaze Interaction

Communication, Environment and Mobility Control by Gaze

2-3 September 2008
Prague, Czech Republic

The 4th international COGAIN conference on eye gaze interaction has 
communication, environmental control and mobility control as its main 
themes. These three aspects together constitute the means to give people 
with severe motor disabilities independence in their daily lives. Eye 
gaze is often the most effective means of interacting with devices 
associated with these. Much progress has been made in developing eye 
tracking systems with a high degree of usability, and in developing 
systems for text entry using gaze. There are now new approaches to text 
entry and communication which offer higher input rates than have been 
previously possible. It is also important to consider enabling 
communication with mobile devices as well as conventional screen based 
applications, and to consider also how low cost, less accurate gaze 
systems can best be utilised. There are now research questions too about 
how to best to extend the use of gaze and enable users to interact with 
the local environment and to control mobility devices such as scooters 
and wheelchairs. A Danish person with motor neuron disease and an 
experienced user of gaze communication devices said recently "One of the 
future challenges should be to make a computer so that you can drive the 
wheelchair (safely!) using only an eye tracker". Gaze control has the 
potential to make really significant improvements to the quality of life 
of people with severe motor impairments. The COGAIN conferences are the 
major international events which focus particularly on gaze 
communication for people with disabilities. Now in its 4th year, COGAIN 
(COmmunication by GAze INteraction) is a European Union funded research 
Network of Excellence, which comprises 25 universities, manufacturers 
and end-user organizations from across the European Union together with 
partners from across the globe. More information about the COGAIN 
network can be found at www.cogain.org. The proceedings of COGAIN2005 
(Copenhagen), COGAIN2006 (Turin) and COGAIN2007 (Leicester) are 
available from the site.

Call for Papers

The conference committee invites the submission of short papers 
particularly in the following areas, although submissions in any area 
related to gaze-based interaction will be considered.
- Gaze and environmental control
- Gaze and personal mobility control
- Direct interaction with gaze aware real world objects
- User experience studies
- Innovations in eye tracking systems
- Low cost gaze tracking systems
- Attentive interfaces and inferring user intent from gaze
- Text entry by means of gaze
- Gaze-based interaction with virtual worlds
- Gaze and creativity
- Gaming using gaze as an input modality
- Using gaze with other modalities including BCI

Papers which deal with the use of eye gaze to study the usability of 
mainstream applications and websites are not normally considered for 
inclusion in the conference.

Format of the conference and proceedings
The public conference will be a two-day event as last year, the first 
day having themed paper sessions, and the second having user and 
industry presentations as well as the exhibition of systems. The paper 
sessions will present short papers and authors of some of these will be 
invited to produce full papers for a special edition of a journal. Full 
submission details can be found on the COGAIN website at 

Important Dates
Submission deadline for short papers : 31/05/08
Notification of acceptance: 15/07/08
COGAIN2008 Conference/Exhibition: 2-3/09/08

Please send submissions to
Howell Istance, Program Chair COGAIN2008,
School of Computing, De Montfort University,
Leicester UK,
email: hoi (at) dmu.ac.uk

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