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Edited by Charles E Lance, Robert J Vandenberg (2009).
Statistical and Methodological Myths and Urban Legends
      :Doctrine, Verity and Fable in Organizational and Social Sciences
      Routledge Academic

Part 1. Statistical Issues. 
D. A. Newman, Missing Data Techniques and Low Response Rates: The Role of Systematic Nonresponse Parameters. 

M. J. Zickar, A. A. Broadfoot, The Partial Revival of a Dead Horse? Comparing Classical Test Theory and Item 
Response Theory. 

D. L. Bandalos, M. R. Boehm, Four Common Misconceptions in Exploratory Factor Analysis. 

A. W. Meade, T. S. Behrend, C. E. Lance, Dr. StrangeLOVE, or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Omitted 
J. M. LeBreton, J. Wu, M. N. Bing, The Truth(s) on Testing for Mediation in the Social and Organizational Sciences. 

J. R. Edwards, Seven Deadly Myths of Testing Moderation in Organizational Research.  

R. J. Vandenberg, D. M. Grelle, Alternative Model Specifications in Structural Equation Modeling: Facts, Fictions, and 

R. S. Landis, B. D. Edwards, J. M. Cortina, On the Practice of Allowing Correlated Residuals Among Indicators in 
Structural Equation Models. 

Part 2. Methodological Issues.
L. T. Eby, C. S. Hurst, M. M. Butts, Qualitative Research: The Red-Headed Stepchild in Organizational and Social 
Science Research? 

S. Highhouse, J. Z. Gillespie, Do Samples Really Matter That Much? H. 

Aguinis, E. E. Harden, Sample Size Rules of Thumb: Evaluating Three Common Practices. 
J. M. Cortina, R. S. Landis, When Small Effect Sizes Tell a Big Story, and When Large Effect Sizes Don’t. 

D. Chan, Why Ask Me? Are Self-report Data Really that Bad? 

C. E. Lance, L. E. Baranik, A. R. Lau, E. A. Scharlau, If It Ain’t Trait It Must Be Method: (Mis)application of the 
Multitrait-Multimethod Design in Organizational Research. 

M. M. Butts, T. W. H. Ng Chopped Liver? OK. Chopped Data? Not OK.

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